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WPC is a world leader in vision based real-time closed loop automation equipment for the web offset printing industry. For over 40 years our reputation has been built upon the principles of quality, innovative design, state of the art manufacturing, and quality customer service. With the largest product line of waste saving automation solutions of any vendor in the industry, WPC has been helping our customers drastically reduce waste, improve quality, and improve over-all productivity since 1972. Find out today how WPC can improve your bottom line with our latest product innovations, at a most competitive price! The WPC Team: Printing Productivity. Controlled.
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Bic Graphics Announcement
WPC is pleased to announce another successful Color to Color Register upgrade for one of our long time customers, BIC Graphic, in Sleepy Eye Minnesota....
Baldwin Technology Company Inc. purchases Web Printing Controls
WPC looks for ways to branch out and grow!...
CCR Plus with Before the Dryer Mounting Capabilities
CCR Plus is the Next Generation Color to Color Register system by WPC, engineered with before the dryer mounting capabilities. Locating the image heads before the dryer minimizes the register control loop, saves impressions with every cold start, speed change, splice, blanket wash and restart. CCR Plus Image head has been engineered with Total Air Purge Technology keeping the cameras clean from contamination, simply with air no moving parts, shields or films to fail or maintain. Current customers are experiencing registration pulls at 100 copies or less.
CLC Plus for Commercial and Newspaper Presses
WPC’s CLC PLUS system uses only one sensor head per web surface to perform both Register and Color functions. WPC’s rugged, low maintenance design achieves 99% + uptime and is the fastest Color and Register system in the industry.